Arsenal vs Lincoln: Injuries, suspensions & line up.

The season of the Premier League is in full swing. This means that the teams are constantly changing their lineups. This is especially true for the teams that are in the middle of the tournament. However, this doesn’t mean that the players of the teams can’’ not improve their game.
One of the main problems of the English teams is injuries. It is quite obvious that the number of injuries increases during the championship. This fact is also confirmed by the statistics. It can be said that the injuries are quite serious, so the team has to be very careful and make sure that they don’ t miss anything important.
In the middle, the teams have quite a large number of players who are injured. This doesn” t mean that they can”t play, but they have to take care of their own health. This applies to the players who have a serious injury, as well as those who are not able to play.
This is especially important for the team that is in the last part of the championship, because the position of the team is quite important for it. The players of this team have to be careful not to lose points, and this is why they have a large amount of injuries.

The injuries of the players can be divided into two groups:
1. Serious injuries. This includes:
* broken bones;
* severe injuries that affect the muscles and nerves;

* and other injuries that can be considered as minor.
2. Minor injuries. These include:
• cuts;
• bruises;
• sprains;

• and other minor injuries.
2a. Serious and minor injuries
The serious injuries are not the only ones that can affect the game of the club. The injuries can also affect the line of the game. For example, the injuries of a player can affect his speed of movement. This can lead to a loss of points.
If the player who has a serious injuries is not able, then he can be replaced by another player who is not seriously injured. However this doesn’t always work. For this reason, the team needs to make sure not to miss anything significant.
It is quite easy to find out the lineups of the matches of the EPL. The website of sports statistics provides information about the matches that are held in the Premier league. This information is updated in real time.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The main intrigue of the season is the struggle for the champion title. The teams that have already won the championship are quite confident that they will be able to win it again.
Of course, this is not the case for the other teams. For them, the fight for the title is a long and difficult struggle. However the teams who are in a position to win the champion’s title are:
· Manchester United;
· Liverpool;
and Chelsea.
All of them have a good lineup, which is a good indicator of the level of the league.
Now, the main intrigue is the fight against the teams from the lower divisions. The main favorites of the fight are:
· West Ham;
● Norwich;
And Arsenal.
However, the other clubs have a chance to win. For these teams, the struggle is a real test, because they have the best players in the league, which can decide the fate of the match.
Who Will Win the Title?
The struggle for gold medals is not an easy one. The clubs have to play against each other, which means that they have no time to rest. This will affect their results, and they will have to fight until the very last second.
Manchester United is the main favorite of the struggle. This club has the best lineup in the championship and is quite confident of winning the title. However it is the team’ s performance that is the key to the gold medals.
Despite the fact that the team was in a very good shape in the first half of the campaign, it has not been able to achieve the desired result. It’ has been quite obvious for a long time that the club is not in a good shape.
Another reason for the poor results of the Manchester United is injuries of its players. This problem is quite serious. The team has a large list of injuries, which affects the performance of the athletes.
For example, it is worth noting the injuries that affected the performance in the Champions League. The list of players that were injured includes:

* Zlatan Ibrahimovic;
* Cristiano Ronaldo;
And many others.
These injuries can be seen in the statistics of the games of the United. It has been noted that the list of injured players includes the leaders of the lineup. This does not mean that this is the only reason for their poor results.
There is a chance that the problems of Manchester United can be solved, because there are a lot of players in this club. This allows the team to play without injuries. However they have not been very successful in the previous season, so they have some time to improve their performance.
New York City FC is another team that has a good chance to become champion.

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