Chelsea vs. Swansea City – line up, preview & prediction

Liverpool is a team that has a lot of potential. The Reds are the main contenders for the title in the Premier League. Manchester City is also a strong contender for the championship. However, the main rival of Liverpool is Manchester United. The Red Devils are a team with a lot to prove.
The team of Jurgen Klopp has a good chance to win the title. The German coach has a great lineup and the team is capable of scoring a lot. The main rivals of Liverpool are:
* Manchester United;
* Tottenham;
• Chelsea.
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The Premier League is a very tough tournament. The teams have to fight for the champion title. Liverpool is a good team, but it is not the main contender for gold medals. The team of Klopp has the potential to win it.
In the current season, Liverpool has a very difficult task. The club has to fight against:
1. Manchester United, who is the main competitor of Liverpool.
2. Tottenham, who has a tough schedule.
3. Chelsea, who also has a difficult schedule. However the team of Jose Mourinho has a better chance of winning the championship than Liverpool. Mourinho’s team has a chance to fight with the leaders of the league, but they have to do it in the most difficult tournament.
Liverpool vs. Manchester united – line-up
The line-ups of both teams are very similar. The leaders of both clubs are:·
· Jurgens van Marwijk
· Firmino
· Sturridge
· Moreno
· Suarez
· Alonso
· Milner
· De Gea
· James Milner.
This lineup is very good and the Reds have a good opportunity to win gold medals in the current tournament. However they will have to be more active in the attacking line.
Manchester United is another strong contender of the title for Liverpool. The United team is not as strong as Liverpool, but the team has the ability to score a lot and win gold.
United vs. Liverpool – lineups and results
The current season of the Premier league is very difficult for Manchester United and Liverpool. However both teams have a chance of getting into the top 4. The current line- up of the team looks very good, but there are still some problems that the team needs to solve.
Firstly, the team lacks a leader. The best players of the club are:•
· Wayne Rooney;
· Marcus Rashford;

· Alexis Sanchez;
– Martial.

Secondly, the club needs to improve its defense. The defense of the Red Devils is not very good. The midfield is not balanced. The line- ups of the defense are not very strong. The only good thing about the defense is the ability of the goalkeeper to save the ball.
However, the defense of Manchester United is not that strong. In the current campaign, the Red devils have a very good chance of not getting into top 4, but not in the first place.
If Liverpool wins the champion league, it will be very difficult to get into the Champions League. The Champions League is very important for the team. The players of Liverpool have to show their best game in the Champions league.
Main results of the season of Champions League
The season of EPL is very busy. The top 4 are decided in the last rounds. The most interesting tournament of the EPL season is the Champions. The tournament is very interesting and is one of the most important tournaments of the year.
At the beginning of the tournament, the leaders are not ready to fight in the group stage. The group stage is very tough and the teams have only a few rounds to decide the fate of the group.
It is very likely that the first matches of the Champions will decide the champion of the epl.
After the group matches, the teams will have a long tournament distance. The first matches are very important, because the fate is decided in them. The winners of the matches will be able to play in the next round.
Champions League fixtures
The Champions League fixtures are very interesting. The matches are held in a group stage and the results of each match will decide who will go to the next stage.
There are a lot teams in the tournament. Each of them has a strong lineup. The strongest team is:
· Manchester City;
The weakest team is the team from Chelsea. The latter has a bad season and the lineup of the players is not so good.
Each team has its own strengths and weaknesses. The following are the advantages of playing in the Epl tournament:

• Great atmosphere in stadiums.
• Great football.
· Good competition.
These are the disadvantages of playing:
● Bad weather.
● Long distance.
Team’ performance depends on the result of the match.
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Live results of Champions league fixtures
You will find the live results of all Champions league matches on the website of sports statistics, where the information is updated in real time.
As for the EFL Cup, the season is very active.

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