Premier league 2016 – Chelsea vs West Brom 0:0. Chelsea transfer rumors

The team of Jose Mourinho has been in the Champions League for a long time. It is the first time that the club has won the tournament. The previous season, the team of Mourinho lost to the team from ​​Bayern. Chelsea is not the only club that has been trying to get into the Champions league. The team of Antonio Conte has also been trying for the last two years. The last time the team won the Champions was in 2013.
In the last season, Chelsea was not able to get the victory. The club was defeated by Manchester City in the semifinals. The match ended with a score of 3:2.
The previous season was the first for the club in the Premier league. It was the best result for the team in the last 30 years.
Chelsea’s Prospects in the Second Half of the Season
The club has a good squad. The main players of the team are:
1. Diego Costa.
2. Fernandinho.
3. Pedro.
4. Willian.
5. Tammy Abraham.
6. Eden Hazard.
7. Cesar Azpilicueta.
8. N’Golo Kante.
9. Islam Slimani.
10. Tammy Abraham and Tammy Abraham, who is considered to be the main star of the club.
However, the main problem of the Chelsea is the lack of motivation. The players are not playing for the main club, the national team, and the club is not winning trophies. The most important thing for the players is to win the Champions cup.
Will the team be able to do it?
The main thing for Chelsea is to get a good result in the matches against the teams that are close to the top of the standings. The Chelsea players have a good chance to get to the Champions Cup final. The matches against Manchester City and Liverpool are very important for the Chelsea.
At the moment, the club does not have a great lineup. The squad of the players has a lot of young players. The first matches of the season showed that the team is not able not to make mistakes. The coach of the squad, Antonio Constranio, has a great experience in the team. The fans of the football world are waiting for the results of the matches of Chelsea. The results of these matches will allow the club to make a decision about the future of the coach.
Latest football news on fscore
The first matches have shown that the Chelsea players are able to play well. The result of the first matches is not good, but the team has a chance to win. The fscore website is a great resource for fans of football. It provides the latest information from the world of football, which is updated in real time.

The Chelsea players started the season well. They managed to get two victories in a row. The second victory was not easy, because the team lost to Manchester United. Chelsea has a very good chance of getting into the top 4. The current season is very important because the club needs to get results in order to be able not only to enter the Champions tournament, but also to get more money from the sponsors.
What to Expect from the Team in Second Half
The current season of the Premier League is very busy. The teams have a lot to do, so the teams do not have enough time to rest. The schedule of matches is very long. The clubs have to play against the following teams:
* Arsenal;
* Liverpool;
* Manchester United;
* Tottenham Hotspur;
and so on.
If the team wins, then the club will get more attention from the fans. The football season is not over yet, so there is still a lot for the clubs to do.
Fans can follow the results on fscores website. Here, they can find the latest news from the football field. The information is updated live.
Main Intrigues of the Second half of Season
In addition to the main team, there are other teams that can compete for the title. The following teams can be mentioned:
· Norwich;
· Manchester City;
· Brighton;
and so on
The teams that have a chance of winning the title are: Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs, Chelsea, and so forth.
It is very difficult to predict the results, because there are many factors that can affect the results. The season will end soon, so it is very convenient to follow the news on the fscore. The website provides the results in real-time.
Football news on Fscore
Fans of football can find out the latest results of matches on the website of sports statistics. The site is a reliable resource that provides the information from a wide variety of sports.
There are several reasons for the success of the teams in the current season. First of all, the teams have good players. Secondly, the coaching staff has a long experience in football. The staff of the clubs is able to help the players to do their best.
One of the main problems of the current football season of England is the fact that the clubs have not been able to win any trophies. This is a shame, because it is the most important championship in the world.

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