Zlatan Ibrahimovic confirmed to play for Manchester United next season?

This summer, Zlatan has left Juventus and joined Manchester United. The club has already started to show a good result in the domestic arena. They managed to win the English Premier League for the first time in a long time.
This season, the Red Devils look more convincing than their rivals. The team is able to score a lot of goals and not to lose points in every match.

It is worth noting that the team has the best goalkeeper in the league, which allows them to take advantage of the mistakes of the opponents.
The summer transfer campaign of the team was very successful. The Red Devils managed to sign:
· Lukaku;
· Cristiano Ronaldo;
• Rashford.
It also managed to get a lot from the sale of Nemanja Matic. The Serbian goalkeeper is not only a good goalkeeper, but also a good player. He has already managed to score many goals for the team.
However, the main transfer of the summer was the one that will affect the results of the club. The transfer of Zlatko Moraes is one of the most anticipated events. The Portuguese player is a good striker and a good defender. The player is able not only to score goals, but to do it in a good way.
In order to understand the reasons of the success of the Red devils, it is necessary to look at the previous seasons of the championship. The previous season, Manchester United managed to finish in the top-4.
You can always follow the results on the website of sports statistics.
Who will become the new leader of Manchester United?
The main question of the season is who will become Manchester United’s new leader. The answer to this question is obvious. The main candidate for the position of the leader is Zlatane.
Zlatane is a young player who is able and willing to learn from the best. He is able too to show the best game at the right time. It is worth highlighting that the player has already scored a lot for the club, which is a proof of his potential.
He is able also to make the right passes and to make a good decision in the field. He also has a good understanding with the team’ leaders.
Thus, the new season of the English championship promises to be interesting and interesting. The players of Manchester united will try to win gold medals. The new season promises to bring a lot to the club and to the fans.
Manchester United”s chances of winning the title
In the current season, it has become much easier to follow the development of events in the United team. It has become easier to find the results and the schedule of matches on the sports statistics website.
There is a lot that can be learned from the results. The current season is the best example of this. The season has been dominated by the Red Devil’ team. The last time they won the title was in 2002.
Of course, the team is not perfect, but the last time the team won the championship was not the best time for the Red.
Despite the fact that the season has already ended, it seems that the club is still able to win. The Manchester United is the main contender for the title in the Premier League.
All the latest news about the team on the reliable resource
The Manchester United has a lot in its favor. The fans are very interested in the team and the players. The website of the sports information is a great resource for fans. It provides only reliable information.
At the same time, the club has problems. The problems of the current team are the following:
1. The lack of motivation. The motivation of the players is not the same as it was in the previous season. The reason for this is the fact the the club does not have a good transfer campaign.
2. The bad results of individual players. This is the case with the following players:
● De Gea;
● Zlatankin;
3. The failure of the transfer campaign by the club leaders. The leaders have failed to bring good results.
4. The poor performance of the main star of the squad, Zaha. He was not able to show his best game.
5. The absence of the best players of the previous championship. This year, the squad has only De Geay, Rashford and Pogba.
6. The fact that many of the leaders have left the club already.
7. The instability of the lineup.
8. The unstable transfer campaign that has already caused a lot.
These are the main reasons why Manchester United cannot win the title.
What to expect from the team in the future?
In addition to the problems of individual leaders, the Manchester United also has problems in the long run. The following factors can lead to the team not being able to repeat the previous success:
• The lack in motivation of leaders;
2 Lack of experience of leaders in the current championship;
1 Unstable lineup;
4 Failure of the transfers campaign.
The team leaders have already left the team, so they will not be able to bring the necessary motivation.
Also, the lack of experience in the championship can be an additional reason for the failure of a team.

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