Who is the better captain – Terry or Koscielny?

The summer of 2018 was not without its disappointments. The main one was the departure of the legendary captain of Chelsea, Frank Lampard. The team had already lost the English Premier League title to Manchester City, and now the Blues were in a difficult position in the EPL.
The club’s management had already started to search for a new leader, and the club”s head coach, Maurizio Sarri, had already been working with the team for a long time.
However, the club had already made a number of mistakes during the season, and it was obvious that the team was not yet ready to play in the Champions League.
After the departure, the fans” opinion about the future of the club was not very positive. Many fans were not happy with the fact that the club did not make a transfer for a number one position, and they were also not happy about the fact the club failed to win the Epl title.
In the summer, Chelsea was able to buy a number two, and he was the Belgian Eden Hazard. The player has already started playing for the team, and his first game was a success.
It is clear that the player will be able to replace Lampard, but the club needs to make a number three. The club has a number, but it is not the one who is the most popular with the fans.

The fans’ opinion about this player is not very good, because he is not able to play the defensive position, as Lampard was able. The Belgian player is able to make the team”veteran” leader, but he is still not able play the role of the leader.
Chelsea” coach, Sarri also needs to find a number four. The coach is very active in the transfer market, and in the summer he managed to sign a number five. The new player is the Frenchman Eden Hazard, who is able not only to play on the left side of the Chelsea defense, but also to play as a number six.
This is a good decision, because the team needs to play with a number seven, and Hazard is a player who can be a good substitute for the number two position.
At the moment, the team is in a very difficult position, because it is very difficult to win in the English Championship. The Blues are in a fight for the title with Manchester City and Tottenham, and if the team does not win the title, it will be very difficult for Sarri to get into the European Cup zone.
Will Chelsea be able not to miss the Champions league?
The team has already missed the Champions football, and this is because the club does not have a number eight. The Chelsea players are very active and have a good game, but they do not have the necessary number of goals.
If the team misses the Champions, it is clear what will happen to the club. The management will try to buy the number eight, but this will not be possible, because Chelsea has too many stars.
Also, the players will not buy the necessary transfer, because they are very happy with their lives.
Moreover, the Chelsea players have a very good chance of winning the EFL Cup. The Cup is a competition of the English football clubs, and Chelsea has already won it once.
Of course, the Blues will be the favorites of the Cup, but if they miss the cup, they will be in a real trouble.
Who is Chelsea’ best player?
Of the Chelsea team’ players, the best player is Eden Hazard – he is the player who is capable of scoring a lot of goals for the club, and for this reason, he is one of the main favorites of all the cups of the Eredivisie.
Hazard is able score a lot, because his game is very good. The Frenchman is able make the right passes, and also has a good technique.
He is able play on both the left and the right side of defense, and at the same time, he can also be a substitute for a player.
All this makes Hazard a real leader of the team. He is able lead the team to victory in the cups, and even if he is unable to win a title, he will be a real hero of the fans, because this is a real achievement for a young player.
Chelsea is also able to win other trophies, such as the FA Cup, the League Cup, and so on.
How will the team play in Europa League?
In summer, the management of Chelsea has started to prepare for the Europa League. The first matches of the Europa league showed that the players are able to fight against the teams from the lower divisions.
Many fans are very excited about the Europa, because many teams have already lost their lives in the tournament.
Despite the fact, that the Europa is a tournament of the best clubs, the teams are able fight against each other.
There are several teams who are able play against the Chelsea, such us:
* Manchester United;
* Tottenham;
* Liverpool;
and so on, because there are many clubs who are ready to fight for a place in the Europa.
One of the most interesting matches of this tournament is the match between Chelsea and Manchester City.

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